Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday visit to Brack Track

Visited the insect collection at UT-Austin's Brackenridge Field Lab (BFL) on Monday.

There I found a half unit tray (box about 3 in. sq) full the strange species at left. (Click on image for larger view.) The specimens weren't determined but they resembled really weird scarabs. Turns out they belong to a somewhat obscure family known as Enigmatic Scarab Beetles, a small family of only 15 species n. of Mexico. Referring to the TX Scarab Checklist, I think they are Glaresis medialis (based on that species being recorded from the county
adjacent to where the BFL specimens were collected).

Anyway, what's neat about the bugs are the "hairs" that cover their body. These hairs must facilitate the critter's movement though loose sands which is the family's normal habitat.


  1. Hi Mike - I get to make the 1st comment.

    Glad to see you started up a blog. I've already added a link to my "Insects & Invertebrates" blogroll.


  2. Do you already have a page describing your camera set up? I, for one, would be interested.